Because I Can

Hey im Kayla. I post what i want cause i can. If you dont like it oh well.


I waxed Tyler Oakley’s leg.  It was everything I hoped it would be. 





Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

oh my god they did it!

This is probably the most impressive and beautiful thing I’ve seen in years.

This is amazing. As much as i joke about wanting new legs, I hope this gives amputees much wanted freedom.

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You know what really pisses me off?


The fact that I’m not even allowed to sunbathe topless in my own garden. It’s my body, if I want to get an even tan what the fuck is wrong with that? Hope one day we can live in a world where shit like this just doesn’t matter.

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The importance of consent: a narrative.

I will forever reblog this gifset.

look at how badass she is though i mean some of it gets on her too and doesn’t even give a fuck

She pours hot liquid on her own leg she’s that badass.

fire cannot kill a dragon.

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Kitten rejected by mother and raised by golden retriever

I’m so happy for this little kitty

im cryin a bit

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The Red God has his due, sweet girl, and only death may pay for life. This girl took three that were his. This girl must give three in their places. Speak the names, and a man will do the rest.

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